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The Creek

July! The Summer Insanity was in full throttle the entire month. Where do I begin…



We were finally able to tell people we are having a baby! I’ll admit that I always kind of scoffed at any type of social media “announcement” regarding pregnancy, but now I get it. After 3 months of keeping something a secret, you are ready to let people know. Maybe I was more ready than others, since I feel like I’m still in limbo of people wondering “Is she…or isn’t she?” The dreaded “fat or pregnant” stage has not been fun. Not saying everyone goes through with it, but I had people asking me what I was drinking at a wedding last weekend. I have gotten to the point where I just want to scream, “CAN’T YOU TELL I’M PREGNANT?!?” It’s been a blast.

4th of July

Anyways, pregnancy rant aside, we kicked off July with a visit from Jordan’s cousin Kyle. It was a hot couple of days filled with Portland food and fun…like Screen Door!

Screen Door Chicken and Waffles

We also went out east and visited the giant Sturgeon in Cascade Locks…ever since a dead one floated to the top of Lake Washington…these prehistoric beasts freak me out.

Giant Sturgeon

I’m never shy about letting everyone know the 4th is not my favorite holiday…but I do enjoy seeing everyone’s patriotic outfits. This year, I accessorized my feet:

4th of July Foot Selfie

And now for your gratuitous pet photos of the month:

Jungle Cats


I think we had one quiet weekend during the month of July, and the above photo sums it up. One morning we had a reprieve from the hot weather and were finally able to open the windows to let in some fresh (non air-conditioned) breeze. The grungries showed up and I felt like I was laying in bed on vacation with mini tigers in my room. It made me very, very thankful that we found this house.

Wet Dog


And then there’s this doofus, who was having his own mini-vacay at his grandma’s house while we were in Alaska…Another thing I am extremely thankful for: a mom who babysits our weird dog while we are away. Look how happy he is straight out of the pool!

The Creek



So yeah, while Otto was off swimming at home we were in Alaska. It was a short trip that involved some bad weather and some bad news…but at least we got to go out to the creek, where ultimate relaxation is your only option. Oh, and attempts at fishing…

The Creek



We ended the month seeing Anthony Bourdain live, which was interesting…I took a really crappy picture, but he is honestly so skinny in real life I don’t even want to post it. Every “famous” person I have seen in real life just seems so tiny in the flesh. I guess the camera really does add ten pounds! Weird. We also went to Bend and stayed at the McMenamins there, and soaked in this amazing pool…


Spouting Lions



August is going to be nuts too, and then I’m hoping I’ll have more time to focus on baby-proofing our house!