Tricia's birthday

I don’t have much of a recap for June, we were super busy…but when I struggle what to write here it makes me feel like we did nothing. Really, I swear it was crazy! So crazy I didn’t take too many pictures…Except for ones of cute animals. The highlight of our month was definitely going up to Seattle to see friends and celebrate my aunt Tricia’s birthday. The picture above perfectly sums up the wonderful evening. Great atmosphere, good company, delicious food, and photo-bombing dogs.

Buddy Dog

Other than that, what can I say? Oh yeah, been eating too many pancakes. These peach pancakes from Cameo Cafe are probably in my top 3 pancakes in the entire universe. They only come around once a year and I think I’ve missed them the last 12 years. Probably helps that we moved about 150 miles closer to the restaurant…

Peach Pancakes

I promise I’ll have way more updates for July. The rest of our summer is going to be BIZAY.

Dog Walks