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March was…crazy. I published this post early on Tuesday morning before going to work. It’s rare that I post something really emotional, and what followed that day was startling and sad. Not only is March 17th the day we will remember Grammy, but it also became the day we will remember Max Cash.

We had been looking for a house all year, and had finally found “the one.” Jordan called me after I had just started my work day. Thinking it was about the house, I enthusiastically answered. It wasn’t about the house. Jordan quietly told me his Grandad had passed away early that morning in Alabama.


At 90, Max lived a full and wonderful life, and while the family was “ready” for this day, you can never be fully prepared for the passing of a loved one. Before we knew it, we were on the plane to Atlanta, where we would then drive 2 hours to Mentone, Alabama.

Evening in Mentone

I had been to Mentone once before, for our cousin Cassie’s Wedding.  Not much has changed there, except for a longtime resident, a man who was once the mayor and the town mail carrier, was gone. Mentone is small enough where everyone really does know everyone. The “small town” I grew up in does not hold a candle to Mentone. The second we arrived, we were greeted by family and surrounded by love. It was bittersweet, we were all reunited to remember one of the people who created this wonderful family, and I am so thankful that I am now a part of it all.


We celebrated life and love and everything in between. Mentone is truly a special place, unlike any other. We celebrated Grandmom’s birthday a few days later which was exceptional. I could go on and on, but I’ll try to let the pictures explain themselves. We will miss you, Grandad.

The Lodge

“Fishing” at the Lodge.

The Lodge


There were many moments of feeling sad, but at peace.



There was also a lot of taxidermy…Meeeeeow.



And the world’s best scarecrow.

Sing Along


An incredible band at Grandmom’s birthday party…



And most of all, lots of love and Bear Hugs…

Uncle Larry and Pokey!


Last but not least, Uncle Larry and Pokey!