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February Sunset


Ugh. February didn’t start out too hot. A Superbowl loss, a busy week and then sick with a dumb cold that seemed to last forever. The highlight of my sick time was taking a bath, and having the above happen. Jake the cat just sat there the ENTIRE time I was in the tub and stared at me, like the biggest creeper ever. It’s terrifying to wonder what kind of evil things he was plotting against me. Anyways…

Schoolhouse Electric

My in-laws came to visit, and even though they were here the only weekend in February that it rained, we managed to have some fun. We went to Schoolhouse Electric, which is a great place to go on a rainy day. Lot’s of interesting decorating ideas and hipster treasures. My favorite part what this little room that pretty much teleported you to a 70’s basement…

Chocolate Bag

We also went to Jake’s where they got to experience the Chocolate Bag. It’s one of my favorite desserts of ALL TIME. The Chocolate “Bag” is filled with white chocolate mousse, whipped cream, berries and a raspberry sauce. It’s a Top 5 fave fosho. Maybe I will try to recreate it one day like I did with the White Chocolate Blondie.

Kitty Teethbrush

In animal care news, we brushed the Grungrie’s teeth this month. There are more hilarious photos, but Jordan said I shouldn’t share them all, at the risk of looking like a total weirdo…(I reallyreally want to show you all of them, but I do realize I’m not normal and you probably wouldn’t care to see our cats reacting to their poultry-flavored toothpaste).

Ava Genes

For Friday the 13th (aka pre-vday), we went to Ava Genes for dinner. It had been hyped up pretty hard for me, and I wasn’t blown away as much as I was expecting to be. It reminded me so much of Italy…but no matter how authentic a restaurant is…you still can’t beat the real deal. Jordan and I reminisced on our trips to Italy. We can talk about it like we were there together, but we both did separate study abroad trips in 2008, before we ever met. We know the gelato place we both talk about may not be there when we return together…but we can dream.

Red Velvet Madeleines

For Valentine’s Day, we stayed in, made Beef Bourguignon, and relaxed. It was pretty much perfect. The weirdest thing…we did not have dessert. For a person who looooves chocolate and dessert, this was a Valentine’s Day first.

sunset on the Columbia

We had more beautiful weather and sunsets, and I’m definitely not going to complain about that…


This is our favorite Otto pic of the month. I spent way too much time zooming in on him, blurry, and running super fast with his Frisbee…

PDX Carpet

I went to Texas for work, and noticed how the famous PDX carpet is slowly starting to disappear…so I took the obligatory #pdxcarpet photo. I don’t know if any will be left by the time I am back at the airport!


I made it out of snowy Texas in time to get back to this…although I wouldn’t mind a few snow days, this is hard to beat.

Home Sunset

After this mysteriously spring-like February, I’m interested to see what March has to offer…