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January Sunset

What a great start to January! We have had a world record month of beautiful dog walks and sunsets. Even though it’s dark and cold half the time, I don’t mind when it’s clear and crisp outside.

Mt. Hood like BAM!

Winter Walks

Sunset silhouette tree like BAM!


Cotton Candy Clouds like BAM!

Blue Skies

I really can’t complain when it’s been a beautiful month, and we haven’t had rough winter weather like so many other parts of the U.S. This website isn’t called Baked Northwest for nothing…Especially when you can even appreciate the views on your long commute!

Away from the Sunset

In other January news, I really hate the “fancy toast” trend. What happened to regular toast? The classics, like toast with butter, toast with jam, toast with peanut butter and honey, or avocado toast? Fancy Toast is not a thing in my book, when you get fancy your toast just turns into bruschetta, or an open-faced sandwich. Am I right? I just had to vent.

"Fancy" Toast.

We have also had some Good Eats around Portland this month. Let’s see:

The Country Cat – Skillet Fried Chicken with Toasted Pecan-Bacon Spoonbread. What??? I actually really liked the salad part of this meal.

The Country Cat

Drinks at The Observatory – another great spot for dinner in Portland. It’s right down the street from the Country Cat. This was The Capricorn: Vodka, strawberry puree and black peppercorn syrup with a salt and pink peppercorn rim, served up. I spilled most of the drink before taking this picture. That’s what I get for taking pictures of food in public and embarrassing my husband…

The Observatory

FatHeads Brewery in The Pearl. Their beer tasters are pretty great. I always love seeing how brew pubs serve their tasters, every place always seems to try to get really creative, and it’s half the fun of ordering a taster, besides um, getting to try 5 different kinds of beer. I’ll be interested to see how FatHeads does in Portland, they are from Pittsburgh and I think Portlander’s may think they don’t “need” a brewery that isn’t local. We had fun and would definitely go back.


TOP BURGER in Camas, WA: You have to be a local to understand. Just one of those classic small town joints.

Top Burger

Beacon Rock Hike/Sunday Funday. We hiked Beacon Rock with Otto then headed to Thunder Island Brewing on the other side of the river. It was a beautiful day for a hike and a beer.

Beacon Rock

Beacon Rock is one of the quintessential Portland area hikes. Living off highway 14, it’s always been easy for us to buzz up that way. While steep, it’s a relatively easy hike, and the views never get old.

Beacon Rock

Then there’s always fun things to do in Cascade Locks. More views, The Bridge of the Gods, beer, food, ice cream…all of the good things in life.

The Bridge of the Gods

Thunder Island Brewing

The last day of January, we had one of our world record best Portland days since moving back down here from Seattle. We tried Boke Bowl, and it was AMAZING – best ramen I’ve had in Portland, and the place offers more than just noodles + broth. I had this delicious brussels sprout + cauliflower salad, I’m hoping I can recreate it someday.

Boke Bowl

We also discovered tons of cool stores near Boke Bowl, it’s an area of Portland I don’t think I’ve ever spent any time in. I can’t wait for our Seattle friends to visit so we can bring them to this area!


We ended our day taking the Portland Aerial Tram. I drive under the thing just about everyday, so it was about time we did it! The Tram takes you from down near the waterfront, over I5 and to OHSU. On a clear day, the views are pretty spectacular.

Portland Aerial Tram

We of course made these faces for no reason at the time, but I think it was secretly our pre-Seahawks-loss face. Oh wait, we are supposed to be talking about January here…

Tram Jam

All in all, January was a great start to 2015. Cheers to the rest of the year!