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Dog Walk

Here’s a little taste of December! Warning: lots of animal photos this month…

Jake ready for Christmas

With it being January 1st and all, I feel like I am supposed to reflect on the entirety of 2014. Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite year on the books. It’s not like anything terrible happened, just a lot of changes and some hard transitions.


Also, 2013 was hard to beat. A lot happens the year you get married, and there are so many celebratory events centered around your big day throughout the year that I think it’s easy to feel a little deflated and sad once it’s all over. After getting married…it’s back to real life, which is not always easy. Through all of the tough times over the last year I have had Jordan by my side, which I couldn’t be more thankful for. I am the luckiest person alive when it comes to having an amazing partner in crime, and the best fury animal children that are always so happy to see us. Or happy to see their own reflection in the bottom of the water bowl, as you can see below…


I could get really detailed on all of 2014, but I like these monthly posts, because it condenses things a bit. And really, that’s all you can do, is take things one day at a time. So with that, let’s talk about how fun December was!

Glowing Greens

We celebrated Cole’s birthday and finally checked out Glowing Greens Mini Golf – a blacklight course in the basement of a building in downtown Portland. It was pretty awesome.

Moscow Mule Set

We also got to spend Christmas at home – a first for us as a married couple. Jordan has traveled for Christmas every year since he graduated high school! It was nice to get to spend the holiday with our family here and completely relax, no need to worry about traveling. Plus…we gave and received some awesome gifts! Above is a Moscow Mule gift set my mom gave us for Christmas. It has gotten so much use already!

Stocking Stuffers

We stuffed my mom’s stocking with fun food finds, and tried to keep it as local to Portland as possible. There was much more shoved in her stocking than what’s pictured above,┬ábut everything disappeared pretty fast!


Also, our new cookbook loot! We are so excited to tackle as many new recipes as we can this year.

Dog Walks

One thing that I’ll never get sick of is dog walks with Otto. In fact…we are going to go on one now. Happy New Year everyone!

Dog Walks