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November, you were good to me. Great food, friends, a beautiful winter wedding, and a great vacation up to Alaska for Thanksgiving…Here’s what the month looked like:Seattle Sunset

Above is the view from the Sorrento Hotel from my very missed and beloved city of Seattle. The weather of course had been really crappy in the days leading up to this, but we had the most perfect day for my friend Ursula’s wedding, and this sunset proves it! Seattle, you win.

We kicked off the month with much deliciousness – sushi at one of our faves, Sinju.

Sinju Sushi

The presentation was GORGEOUS, but more importantly tasted a-freakin’-mazing…


I will have to remember this awesome way to serve oranges for kids…

Sinju Sushi

Up next: Erin came to visit, and as always, epic times ensued. Our first stop: Blue Star Donuts. You just can’t go wrong…Clockwise from top Left: Bacon Maple, Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Pumpkin Cake, Blood Orange Ginger, and Buttermilk Bar. Let’s just say…I can’t wait for another excuse to go back.

Blue Star Donuts

Our epic eating day continued with lunch at Por Que No. We have been by this place many times, there is ALWAYS a line out the door. I thought lunch would be a good time to go, and the line was only TO the door! Score! I now know why there are long lines, it’s just purely awesome Mexican Food. Great Margs, tons of salsas, plates of meat-rice-n-beans that are to die for…And my introduction to Bloody Maria’s.

Por Que No

And then afternoon sour beers at Cascade Brewing…Because could this day have gotten any better?!? Sour Beer isn’t for everyone, but I’ll take one over an IPA any day (you can’t make me like IPA)!

Cascade Brewing

Okay, more food pics, sorry…Like I said earlier, we went up to Seattle for a Wedding, and had to do a little rainy day stop at Cupcake Royale. I have honestly never been a big cupcake person…but if you have to make me eat a cupcake, they are my favorite. Plus, they have cake pops…which bulldoze cupcakes on any day in my opinion.

Cupcake Royale

Jump to the next day where the rain went away and we got to celebrate Ursula and Chris!!! I seriously can’t get over what a perfect day it was. Yay for Winter Weddings!

Wedding at the Sorrento

And wait, there’s more…FOOD pics! We stopped at Geraldine’s for breakfast before heading back down to Portland. I had heard they make the best french toast in town, and it was damn good! I got mine with the daily fruit topping, apple cinnamon…might not be pretty, but man…so tasty.


Once getting back into Portland, we had to turn around and fly to Alaska for Thanksgiving week. This was the warmest winter I have ever experienced in Alaska, just a light dusting of snow for the most part and temperatures that weren’t insane! The flight in had some of the best plane views I have ever seen…

Flying into Alaska

Once in Alaska, we headed to a friends cabin to have some fun on the frozen lake…This picture was taken at about 11:00AM, the sun was still coming up! We had to wait until after 9:30AM to get target practice going!


While out at the cabin, we enjoyed some moose backstrap and other delightful cabin delicacies like goat chili. I wish it wasn’t so dark, or I would have gotten pictures. But Jordan’s friends would probably never invite me up again if they saw me taking pictures of my food…so I held back anyways…


After good times with friends at the cabin and a wonderful Thanksgiving with family in Anchorage, it was already time to turn around and go home…And let me say, we really had it hard on the flights this time around ! 🙂

In Flight

Once recovering from traveling, we went to get our Christmas Tree. We love going to the U-cut places (and making people with chainsaws cut our trees for us instead of actually doing it ourselves, but that’s another story…)

Christmas Tree Farm

That sums up our awesome November. As always I’m looking forward to the rest of the holiday season! Expect some real classic recipes this month…If I can get it together enough to post everything…