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October in photos…Let’s start with the above, driving to Leavenworth for Ursula’s Bachelorette/Oktoberfest…

Popcorn!Popcorn! That I didn’t eat, but it looked cool. Give me cheddar and caramel corn any day, but fruity popcorn trips me out.

Boxer Ramen

Boxer Ramen. Not gonna lie – really salty, even for me. I would consider giving it another shot, since the tots there were so damn good.

This picture is deceiving...those are tots with bonito flakes, NOT Ramen. I know.

This picture is deceiving…those are tots with bonito flakes, NOT Ramen. I know.

Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen Book Signing!!! The duo behind the most hilarious vegan blog to ever live was revealed – and full disclosure, it was kind of weird. But the book is great and really does inspire me to not eat shitty all the time. Definitely makes me feel great about my swearing habit that I try to keep to a minimum here…

Dundee, OR

Wine Tasting in Dundee, OR. It’ freakin’ BEAUTIFUL out there. I hope to go back for a more extensive trip, but Napa aint got nothin’ on Dundee!

Interurban Brunch

The Cowboy Ranchero at Interurban: flour tortilla, over-easy eggs, rotisserie meat chili, cheese, avocado salad, sour cream, fritos. Um, really freakin’ good breakfast.


Lots of weird faucets at the McMenamins in Centralia. Bonus: most of them worked!

National Cat Day

National Cat Day is a thing apparently. That’s ok…because I love the 2 weirdos above.

Blue Star Donuts

We finally tried Blue Star Donuts! Oh man, they did not disappoint. The flavors a group of us sampled are below (from left): Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Caramel Banana Fritter, Lemon Poppyseed, Creme Brulee, and a Hard Cider Fritter. I seriously cannot wait to go back here!

Blue Star Donuts

Halloween! Admittedly, this isn’t my favorite holiday, despite my love of dressing up and my wistfulness over themed parties from the college days. Last year we were happy handing out candy to kids but this year we happened to be going to the Black Keys concert on Halloween night, so we decided to dress up for once…

Diddy and Donkey

As Donkey and Diddy Kong. We are talking 90’s Super Nintendo version, not Mario Kart or any crap like that. It all started with Donkey and Diddy, never forget that.

Donkey and Diddy

I think the costume went over some people’s heads but for the most part people were freaking out. And come on – those arms? Jordan LOVES craft projects (heh).

Donkey and Diddy

The Black Keys were pretty good live, it was a great way to end the month and celebrate Halloween in a way we never have before.

The Black Keys