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Into the BlueI’m going to *try* to start doing a few more life-ish posts, because hey, it’s all about the self-documenting these days. However, I *hate* selfies, so there won’t be too many of those in these self-documenting posts.

Here are highlights from the month of June:

Sunset picnic

Sunset Picnic with my boys. Otto’s tongue is insanely amazing in this pic. The view aint bad either. I am thankful for the area we live in, even if it’s a little far into the boonies for me.

Michael Ian Black

We saw Michael Ian Black, and it was amazing, obviously. However, there is a side story about how I decided I wanted to sit down in an empty chair, and then maybe kind of fell asleep there at the end? It’s a never-ending problem in my life. My friends all know about this issue, however they don’t really understand why (including the husband). I don’t get it either. But I find myself wide awake in the wee hours of the morning.


One of our neighbors has BEAUTIFUL roses in their garden. And I have started taking pictures…They probably have seen me and think I’m weird. Sorry…

McMenamins Wine Tasting

We went for it and purchased McMenamins Passports. They look like real passports, and you get a stamp for every McMenamins you visit throughout Washington and Oregon. Once you hit all of the locations in a region, you get a prize like a free appetizer, burger, growler, tshirt, etc…McMenamins also has beer flights, wine flights, and liquor flights, which come to your table all at once and make you feel like a total lush…

McMenamins Passports

Apizza Scholls

We went to Apizza Scholls. I have heard about this place many times over the years, and we finally got to go! It was amazing, some of the best pizza I have ever had, outside of Italy. Try to get there when they open at 5, or else you are in for a long wait.


Firepit Time! One of the best life decisions you can ever make it having a firepit in your yard, or knowing someone who does. The biggest cons are getting sick of smores (yes, it’s possible) and smelling like a smoky campfire all summer (things could be worse).

Backyard Smores

Firepit time also includes your friends and their adorable kids, and also tiny green spiders.

green spider


Seeing the I5 bridge go up between WA and OR. I really didn’t think traffic would be as bad in Portland as it was when we lived in Seattle. Dear Lord…I was wrong. Being caught between two states is weird. More weird than I ever remembered. There are the Pros…and the Cons. It’s hard to even get into it. I don’t know if I can quite make the leap over the river, if any Oregon residents want to start convincing me, go for it!

Girls Weekend | San Francisco

I ended June with a girls weekend in San Francisco for a joint Bachelorette party. We wine tasted in Napa, went out, walked around the city and had a great time.

photo 1 (13)

Obligatory #pdxcarpet photo at the Portland Airport…

Domaine Chandon

Tasting some bubbles at Domaine Chandon in Napa…

Lumbard Street

The crew on Lombard (aka Lumbard) street…


Wishing these donuts were real at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Girls Weekend

Just having the best time with the girls. All in all I would say a pretty good June!