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Jordan dropped me off, and I made him stay for a quick cutesy photo. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Jordan dropped me off, and I made him stay for a quick cutesy photo. He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?

This is a much belated post – I have finally recovered some photos from my Bridal Shower! My two aunts and cousin in-law threw me the most incredible Bridal Shower on Saturday, May 18th. Everything was beautiful, delicious, and perfect. I am so thankful and will never forget what a fun and whirlwind day it was.Bridesmaids!A huge Thank-you as well to my mom who made these incredible wedding sugar cookies, and to Annica, my Maid of Honor, who made her mom’s famous Chicken Salad recipe (I’m hoping to share the recipe up here soon)!Bridal ShowerHere is a recap of the wonderful day in pictures. It’s fun reliving it months later – I remember how overwhelmed I was on the actual day, so many people to see and talk to! You feel guilty because it’s hard to get that quality time with everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did, our wonderful hostesses did such an amazing job!The BarAbove is a photo of the bar! We had wine and juices you could choose to mix with vodka or champagne. Lots of pretty colored drinks ensued.drinksThere was also a beautiful spread of food options…Things were so delicious they had already been torn into by the time I was able to do my, “everyone stop while I take awkward food photos of everything.” Yeah. People think I’m crazy…And I still need to get all of these recipes from my aunts!Bridal Shower Food

Bridal Shower Food

Bridal Shower Food Famous Chicken Salad Make Your Own Sandwiches

One of the most awesome surprises were the party favors! My aunt brought up amazing Lemon Olive Oil from Ojai Olive Oil Company, wrapped up beautifully for everyone to take home. I have to admit I stole more than one – and am totally rationing the last bottle.Ojai Olive Oil Party Favors

Other fun things – there were Miami Vice shots waiting for everyone upon arrival. This was another surprise to me! I guess my family knows me too well…I have a feeling Laura had something to do with it, just like the beautiful invitations and so many other fun aspects of the shower!Miami Vice Shots

And of course, a beautiful dessert spread with the famous sugar cookies!Bridal Shower DessertLast but not least, my favorite story from the day is my friend Chrissy left my shower and later that night found out she was pregnant!!! I am so excited for Chrissy and her husband Ryan (and their dog Rowdy). They will be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world early next year! You can check out her blog over at Love, Chrissy.Love Chrissy

To close, some advice…

1. I really wish I could have gotten to my shower an hour or two early to help out. I wouldn’t have felt so overwhelmed and been so flustered when I ended up arriving LATE (the worst). It would have given me time to settle in and have a drink, take more photos, and be able to greet people appropriately and get more time with them as they arrived. This is my biggest regret, for sure. SO ARRIVE EARLY TO YOUR OWN SHOWER!!!

2. Write Thank You notes ASAP! It’s an easy thing to put on the back-burner, but things are more fresh in your mind if you do them a few days after your event. And unlike the wedding, you don’t have the excuse of a honeymoon to delay the process.

3. Have your hubs-to-be drop you off. This will give him time to say hi to the hostesses and check things out, but it doesn’t put him through the torture of being there for the whole thing. Believe me, NO guy wants to spend his afternoon at a Bridal Shower. Also – the guest of honor should never have to drive herself (Or if you are me, a person who should never drive while under any pressure whatsoever).

I’m sure I could keep rambling on with other tidbits of advice, but of course the biggest thing is to ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Who knows what or who my next Wedding Shower post will be related to…Just bet on me getting better photos! 🙂Bridal Shower