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Cherry Vodka LimeadeYou have no idea how much I agonized over what kind of signature cocktails to serve at our wedding. Yes, the fact that we got to bring our own alcohol to our wedding was amazing and saved us so much money, but figuring out all of the details stressed me out. How much wine do we need? How do we get all of this booze to the venue the DAY OF the wedding? Most of all, how do we figure out easy to make signature cocktails that are delicious and original? It was kind of crazy, and I probably over-stressed about it when it wasn’t a big deal.Cherry Vodka LimeadeBUT, I have to say, I was completely over the moon with how my signature drink turned out. I don’t know how it came to me one day, but somehow Cherry Limeade came up and it just stuck. How had I never had an alcoholic version of Cherry Limeade?!? It has to be so easy…Just Cherry Vodka and Limeade, maybe with some fancy cherries and lime to garnish? It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to buy limeade and cherry vodka in bulk, but the drink ended up being so delicious we just knew we had to go with it.Cherry Vodka LimeadeHere are the key ingredients we used for our Wedding:Cherry Vodka LimeadeFrom left: Luxardo Cherries ordered off of Amazon. Straight from Italy, the most legit cocktail maraschino’s you could ever wish for. Three Olives Cherry Vodka, and Newman’s Own Limeade (subliminal messaging: legendary amazing husband Paul Newman). Of course, regular maraschino cherries can be substituted and you can use the cheapest Cherry Vodka you can find and it still works beautifully. Any limeade will work great too. This is pretty much a foolproof cocktail you can easily make and impress your friends.Cherry Vodka LimeadeSide Note: The Rocks Glasses were a Bridal Shower gift from my friend Alexis and they are perfect for many, many cocktails.

Cherry Vodka Limeade
makes 1 cocktail


  • 2 oz cherry vodka (or 1 oz, depending on your need for booze and whether you choose to use a rocks or highball glass)
  • limeade (Whatever tops of your glass appropriately – seriously this cocktail is that easy)
  • 2-4 cherries
  • lime to garnish (optional)
  • splash of soda water (also optional)

Fill a glass with ice. Add the vodka and limeade. Stir well with a spoon. Garnish with cherries and lime. If the drink is feeling a little too sweet for you, add a splash of soda water.