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Pink Panty Droppers

Ok. You may have seen the Natty Light and Monarch and immediately threw up in your mouth a little. But I can’t not tell you about how my friends and I totally had a few of these last weekend…and liked it.

Pink Panty Droppers. I hate the name, because I swear to god, I have never witnessed one panty drop during the consumption of this lethal party drink. I may or may not recall a time when a certain someone tasted one, thought, “WOW! these are delicious!” and an older and smarter friend took a sip, said, “Be careful with these.” That certain someone didn’t listen and about 30 minutes later was running into the woods from the cops, falling over, losing a flip flop, stopping against a tree and realizing the forest was spinning and that no, the cops were not out to get her…I digress.

Pink Panty DropperHere is the thing about Pink Panty Droppers: They are super easy to make in big batches and cheap, hence why they are so popular with the college crowd. At this point in my life, they also bring back some pretty hilarious memories. Now we are older, and have somehow figured out a way to drink these responsibly, but the fact that we can laugh about all the times we weren’t so responsible is priceless.

I don’t care how trashy or fratty a Pink Panty Dropper is. God, I really hate the word panties, but I still can’t get away from the fact that the thought of this concoction always makes me laugh. And hey, if I didn’t tell you what was in them, I bet you would probably like it…Just pace yourself, my friend.



Pink Panty Droppers
who knows where this originated, clearly from some genius.


  • Beer (the crappier, the better)
  • Vodka (strong and cheap)
  • Pink Lemonade concentrate (you know, the stuff from the can in the frozen aisle)

Small Batch

  • 6 pack of beer (12 oz cans)
  • 1 (12 oz) can pink lemonade concentrate
  • 1 ( 12 oz) can of vodka (pour vodka into the empty pink lemonade can)

BIG Party Batch

  • 24 pack of 6oz beers (I used tall boys and had to do some math – a little extra or a little less beer than that won’t hurt too much here)
  • 4 (12 oz) cans pink lemonade concentrate
  • 1 half gallon (1.75 liters, half g, handle, whatever you call it in your parts) vodka

Pour all ingredients into a large container, stir, chill, and/or pour over ice.