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I must admit, this video was the inspiration of Thirsty Throwback Thursdays on the blog. I was listening to this song, getting all philosophical with it…Because you know, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”

Then I remembered the MUSIC VIDEO. I went back and watched it, and had a bit of a wtf moment. What? He can’t find her? WHERE IS HIS CELL PHONE?!? Why is she wearing a weird white pleather lab coat? Look at that slicked hair…OMG!!! ROLLER LIP GLOSS!

It was just too much. I have karaoke’d this song to close down the bar, I have listened to it probably on repeat before high school graduation, I was mulling over playing it at our wedding at some point (I know, gross. Good thing I’m thinking this through). Then the video is just so…90’s.

BUT to be real, I will probably be secretly listening to this song (only on philosophical occasions though) for the next 50 years.

So, Cheers to you, Semisonic. I did, however, own your CD (cd, haha!!!) and like the other songs on it. Singing in my Sleep anyone?

Until next week…