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A classy way to celebrate.

A classy way to celebrate.

Erin and Mahria,

   What can I say? I guess I betrayed you both.* But what was I supposed to do when we were at the store in Oregon and found EVERY flavor of the new Lays? I guess I should have bought them all and then given them to you as presents upon my return. But I had already been drinking that day and I just wasn’t thinking straight, I swear! That explains why we chose the “Cheesy Garlic Bread” aka the most boring flavor ever. I’m blaming this on Jordan, the sober one.
   As a consolation, you weren’t missing that much except for the tasty Rose I paired with the chips. The “Cheesy Garlic Bread” just kind of tasted like…a chip that instantly gave you bad breath.** Seriously. Don’t even waste your time trying it. For the love of God, just make regular garlic bread that comes out crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
   I do, however, have high hopes for the other two flavors. If we track them down within a 10 mile radius of the office I promise I’ll bring them back to you. I’ll even throw in a classy bottle of Rose to even things out, or some watery beer…probably both.



*Me, Erin, and Mahria have had an ongoing deal that if we found these special chips we would sample and rate them all, paired with some sort of (probably) shitty alcohol. FAIL FAIL FAIL. 

**Lays, please don’t be offended by this not-so-stellar review. I typically enjoy your brand, and I must say you really did a good job with your BLT flavored chips. Feel free to call me if you want me to be your spokesperson or something.