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goat cheese and lavender fondue~wood grilled bread, cameo apples

Dinner on Saturday night. Amazing! Great restaurant and atmosphere, but very dark. The photos aren’t the greatest, but despite the darkness everything still looks pretty delicious. Tom Douglas does it again!

olive poppers with herbed sour cream

Kalamata olives, stuffed with cheese (I think it was goat or feta), then fried…with sour cream to dip. Basically my dream appetizer. My mom thinks I can replicate these at home. Stay tuned.

crispy fried pig tail – maple, smoked chili, fresh crunchy vegetables

I wasn’t dying to try pig tail, but for some reason everyone else was. They ended up tasting like a mixture of chicken wings and bacon, sooo clearly they were pretty awesome.

The nightly special – Arctic Char, parsnip puree, root vegetables

Palace Burger. Enough said.

“plin” a piedmontese style ravioli filled with roast pork and chard

theo’s black & white peanut butter fondue – devil’s food cake, honey graham, mashmallow

Palace Kitchen
2030 Fifth Ave 
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 448-2001