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I feel like Cicchetti’s happy hour has been on my “list” of places to go FOREVER. Once I arrived, I knew I had been missing out. After getting our first few small plates, I mentally added it to my list of favorite Seattle Happy Hours.

The entrance to Cicchetti.

Cicchetti is the younger sibling to what many consider a Seattle classic, Serafina. It’s been years since I’ve been to Serafina, but it’s a great Italian place to bring a date to. Cicchetti felt more chill to me, it was a super relaxing happy hour. Now for the food…

The Happy Hour Menu, castelvetrano olives, and the "Pear-a-dise" cocktail.

To start, Castelvetrano (the BEST) olives, and the Pear-a-dise cocktail (for a Happy Hour cocktail, that shit was STRONG). Already in heaven right here.

Fried pecorino with green olive, red onion, parsley

Up next: Fried pecorino cheese. If you know me, you have heard 2390482094283 times that I have been to Greece and my favorite dish in the entire universe is Saganaki (a greek fried cheese). This may be my favorite happy hour plate EVER. It was so good. I mean, how can you go wrong with fried cheese? Then you add some olives on there…God, I can’t even handle it. I want to eat the above picture right now.

The special happy hour pizza of the day, truffle popcorn, and wings.

After my fried cheese binge, we ordered some more. At this point we had no natural daylight left and the bar got super dark. Please bear with this picture I tried to brighten up, it doesn’t do the food justice!

1. You can’t go wrong with $1 truffle popcorn.

2. Wings weren’t on the happy hour menu, but me and a certain someone find wings hard to resist. Especially when they are fancy wings with house made date molasses…

3. The happy hour pizza of the day…the blackboard said “local hedgehog…mushrooms, ricotta, fried sage.” Since hedgehog was written above mushrooms, I was secretly hoping to get REAL hedgehog on the pizza. When I asked the server if that’s what we were getting, she tried to be nice and said, “No…hedgehog mushrooms. But you’re not the first person to ask that…” Silly me.

4. Not pictured: Beef tartare (so good) and anchovies (so gross). My “anchovy connoisseur” friend said they were delish though. He made me try one. I hate anchovies. I was burping up salty fishy grossness an hour later when I really was hoping to be burping up the taste of hedgehog (mushrooms). TMI? yeah, probably…

Despite the minor anchovy debacle, still one of the best happy hours in town!


121 E Boston St
Seattle WA, 98102

Happy hour Tue – Fri from 5PM – 6:30PM.