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Charlie's Buns N' Stuff Mushroom Swiss Burger

On Thursday I had the extreme pleasure of attending Seattle Magazine’s Burger Brawl. Oh my god, best decision ever. It was a sampling of the city’s best burgers – and almost all of them were in slider form. It. was. awesome.

I wouldn’t call myself a Burger Connoisseur or even a Burger Person – I usually have to be in the right mood and I always pass on Restaurant Burgers because I’d rather try more unique things on a menu.

This event may have changed my mind.

The Slider from Quinns. Beautiful I tell ya.

Naturally, I pigged out. I think I sampled almost every burger, I had about NINE sliders and  amazingly survived.

Skillet's Burger - one of my faves.

For me, the winners were:

1. The Local 360 Burger. It was the first one I tried – amazing sauce, red peppers…unique and so incredibly awesome. I weep that I did not get a picture – I was on such a burger high so instantly I couldn’t even think straight.

2. The Skillet Burger (pictured above). Awesome jammy-sauce, rare cooked meat…heaven.

3. Uneeda Burger. This was the last one I tried, I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t worried about going into some sort of burger-induced coma. It was spicy and delicious – and alas, no picture (I know, I suck. I am still trying to get used to being one of those weirdos who takes pictures of everything she eats).

4. The Spring Hill Burger (Pictured Below). That Sesame Bun was so damn cute…This one was simple yet complex, gooey…and that chewy bun just brought it home.

Spring Hill's mini, chewy, sesame-gooey slider. I want another one NOW.

I want to go to all of these restaurants and enjoy their burgers all over again. You know you went to an intense food event when your jacket still smells like smoky burgers 2 days later. It felt like an episode of Top Chef – tons of people, and different Burger Chef’s Brawling to have the best bite.

Thanks to my “Burger Buddy” Kevin for going with me – I think I may have overwhelmed him with my Burger Insanity. He got me out of there safe though – if I had stayed and tried to snag some Tim’s chips and Bluebird Ice Cream, I may not have made it out alive.

Burger Buddies. (Am I the only one who remembers when Burger King had "Burger Buddies?)

I can only hope Seattle Magazine throws another awesome event like this – until next time!